The client came to Attorney Heberg after visiting with several attorneys who told her she could not get divorced due to the fact they could not serve her husband, who lived internationally. The husband lived in India and had never been to the United States. Our client had two children, one who was a US citizen but one of the children was not. She wanted to visit India on holiday, but was concerned that her first child, who was an Indian citizen would not be allowed to return to the US. Both children had passport issues as the husband refused to cooperate. Service by publication was not an option. We tried to serve him by direct mail and DHL, but he was crafty and refused the paperwork. After some thought, Attorney Heberg filed a Motion for Alternative service. He was able to convince the Judge to allow her to serve her Husband through email and by Facebook which was a unique and creative way of meeting the legal service requirements and we were then able to successfully divorce her. She was granted Sole Custody and could take care of all immigration issues without her husband. She traveled successfully to India and returned with her children.