The client hired Attorney Heberg as her second lawyer after terminating her first attorney. The case involved substantial cash assets that were in our clients possession, difficult to prove and posed significant tax ramifications for both parties. Unfortunately, the prior attorney had admitted to the existence of the cash savings. While our client was satisfied with settling the matter and acknowledging the existence of the same, she was concerned about uncovering her Husband’s cash savings which at the time he had refused to acknowledge. Obviously this created a strategical problem for her and the case because she would have to divide her cash, but receive none of her Husbands. Attorney Heberg was able to utilize a Pre-nuptial contract and create significant leverage. He created a substantive argument that the cash was covered under the same and as such should be hers alone, to the complete exclusion of her Husband. When the Court acknowledged that Attorney Heberg’s argument as viable, the Husband caved and admitted to holding cash. Ultimately the case resolved amicably and each party received 50% of the marital estate.