Child Custody

Attorney Heberg appreciates and recognizes the frequently detrimental effects of divorce on children and the problems associated with the breakdown of a marriage. He thoroughly investigates and analyzes the long and short term financial and special needs of the children to ensure that their best interests are protected and if necessary, litigated before the Rhode Island Family Court.

Child Support

Child Support Determination is conducted in conjunction with the State of Rhode Island Family Court Child Support Guidelines. Beginning with the initial step of separation until the legal age of maturity, the children must be supported in a manner which most likely would have occurred had the marital union not been resolved. To this end, Attorney Heberg is required to diligently investigate and evaluate the finances of both divorcing parties in addition to the short and long term needs of the children to determine the proper and Legally Required amount of child support due pursuant to Rhode Island Law. As a client you can expect his relentless advocation of those needs and requirements before the Court to minimize the negative economic impact upon the children of the broken marriage to the fullest possible extent.

Child Relocation

If you wish to move out–of–state with your minor child and your former spouse is seeking to prevent this action, or on the other hand, if your former spouse intends to move out–of–state with your minor child and you oppose this action, Attorney Heberg has realized significant success in Rhode Island Family Court on this issue. Each case requires a unique strategy and a thorough understanding of Rhode Island Divorce Law as it applies to the best interests of the child or children involved and he will vigorously pursue and protect your rights in this sensitive matter.

Emergency or Temporary Orders

As your Attorney he is available for any and all emergency situations involving domestic relations matters such as Temporary Relief from Abuse, Emergency Orders for Support, or Temporary Restraining Orders in addition to any Judicial relief that requires immediate intervention.

Domestic Partnership Dissolution

As one of Rhode Island’s most accomplished Family Law Attorneys Christopher Heberg is on top of the evolution of laws affecting civil union and domestic partnership dissolution. Recent Rhode Island Supreme Court decisions have dramatically affected the rights and obligations of parties to a civil union or domestic partnership. Christopher E. Heberg counsels, represents and advises parties to a civil union and domestic partnership to, during, and upon dissolution of the relationship.