If your relationship is already strained, living under quarantine conditions can quickly shed light on a troubled marriage. Whether you’ve been contemplating divorce for a while, or the stress of recent events has become the straw to break the camel’s back, our attorneys can help you understand the divorce process and your options.

During these unprecedented times, we are all taking a look at our lives and examining our relationships. Perhaps the tiny cracks in your relationship have turned into irreparable gaping holes. With a newfound outlook on how we see our futures, some couples may decide to part ways.

If you’re among those wondering if you can file for divorce during the Covid-19 crisis, the answer is yes. Courts in Rhode Island are operating as normal and if necessary are allowing people to process their divorces by telephone, or electronic conference like Skype, Zoom and Web-ex.

Judges and court employees are working as normal and the Courts are for all intent in purposes functioning quite efficiently. Already scheduled cases that involve oral argument are likely be postponed for a few months, however, if you reach a settlement or agreement, you can process it through the family court system normally as set forth above.

If you decide to explore your options or start the divorce process now amid the covid-19 pandemic, our skilled attorneys and staff are here to help and support you. To learn your options or for advice on how to proceed during these unique circumstances, give our office a call.