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My husband married me for my family’s money.  We’ve been married for 5 years, have 3 kids and a house worth $2.5 M in East Greenwich. He took care of all the finances and I just found out that he has depleted our bank accounts.  He came into the marriage with next to nothing ($10K) I thought he truly loved me but now I see that he doesn’t care about me or the kids, he was just interested in my family’s money.  I now see why we should have signed a prenuptial agreement.  Will he be entitled to half of our property when we divorce?


I can obviously understand your concern, however, without much more information I cannot answer your question completely. Notwithstanding, inherited property is NOT subject to distribution in a divorce. However, if you take inherited property and commingle it by putting your husbands name on the property, you could end up having to share that with him. He will be entitled to a portion of the property that is marital in nature. Martial property generally does not include inherited property, gifted property and pre-marital property. Of course there are always exceptions and you should speak to a good divorce lawyer to learn about your rights. 

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