If you are the non-placement parent, unable to spend sufficient time with your child on a daily basis, it can be can be quite painful. Regular and consistent visitation  helps, but if the other parent is not cooperative, recalcitrant, or if you have not been granted specific visitation you may be wondering what steps you need to take in order to spend more time with your child. An attorney who is experienced in Rhode Island divorce and family law can help.

If you have not previously been granted visitation with your children you will need to perfect your rights. This will require the filing of a Miscellaneous Custody Petition and you will need to go to court to either create an order that will actually grant you legal rights or modify the child custody order that is currently in place.

If a judge has already ordered visitation with your child, but the placement parent is not cooperating, you will need to petition the courts to ensure that the child custody order is followed. It can be challenging to deal with a parent who is not willing to budge, but it is important to follow the proper legal procedure to enforce your rights and obtain your desired outcome.

If you want to see your kids you should be able to, even as the non-custodial parent. Whether you need help with child custody, placement, visitation or other aspects of your divorce, we can help. Please call our office to schedule a consultation with our family law attorneys.