When most of us think of divorce, we often fear custody battles, endless legal filings, and costly court proceedings. The process of divorce can seem daunting, and the emotional aspects of a marriage’s dissolution can be painful.

But what if there was another way? Another, more collaborative and sometimes less expensive way?

There is: mediation.

Not every divorce needs to be contested. If both parties agree that the marriage should end, there is no need to assign fault to one partner, or another. What remains for the spouses is to agree on the division of property, alimony allocation, and child custody arrangements.

By meeting with a divorce mediator, such as one of our experienced family law attorneys, couples can work out the terms of their divorce face-to-face. Sometimes, the mediation process can save divorcing couples time, money, and heartache.

If you believe that divorce mediation is right for you, call our office today to arrange a consultation.