Mr. Heberg handled my case which was a request to have my daughters last name changed to my last name. I had my daughter in my custody since she was born. She wanted to change her last name to the family last name when she turned 13. Believe it or not, parents still have rights even when they are not actively involved in their childs life and not paying child support. So in my case, I took a shot at it and thought, what if he never finds her father, he is in another country and has no real address… Well Chris found him and had him served with legal paperwork. From this simple name change request, Chris not only won my case, but I also collected two thousand dollars in child support back pay and gained full custody of my daughter. I was always at ease speaking with him because he supported me, he worked hard for me and he believed in my case. My daughter is very happy now and so am I. Chris was always prompt in responding to all of my emails and phone calls.

Cherise, Family Law client