My client initially presented to me as a severe alcoholic, who had been abusive to his wife and had furthermore diminished the value of the Marital Estate due to his bad behavior and spotty work history. Obviously, at first glance I was quite concerned about my clients credibility and uncertain how I could make certain he recede an equal share of a substantial marital estate. However, after conducting discovery, I was able to determine that the wife was not faithful during the term of the marriage. A fact that my client was unaware of and actually preceded his bad behaviors.  My client’s Wife was horrified that her infidelity could be made public during a contested trial, as the choice of her affairs was rather sensitive. At that point she quickly realized that she had exposure. Through the basic discovery process and asking direct and pointed questions, I was able to completely flip the leverage of the matter. Ultimately, my client was awarded 50% of the marital estate, when at first glance it looked like he stood to lose quite a bit of money.