My client came to me after the mother of his 8 year old daughter suddenly moved with the child to Worcester, without an order of the Court or his agreement. He had already been awarded Joint Custody of his daughter by previous Court Decree. We initially tried to make the mother return the child to RI through the filing of an Emergency Motion, but the Court was reluctant to pull the child form her new school, as it was the beginning of the new school year. My client was obviously quite disappointed, but we designed a good strategy and I convinced him to stay the course, as I doubted a Judge would allow the mother to move without a Court Order or agreement of the parties. We litigated the matter over a period of months and completed a contested trial some months thereafter. The testimony elicited was very favorable to my client and the Judge issued a written decision ordering the return of the child to RI and also directing she be placed back into her previous elementary school where she has remained to date. The mother has destroyed her credibility and my client now has complete control of the case.